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RunJersey is an online celebration of the world’s greatest sport and the world’s greatest place!  This site is geared to entertain and provide resources for runners of all skill levels.  Whether you are training for Olympic glory or you are going for your first 5k, we applaud you and we are here for you, so check back frequently.  We hope you enjoy!!!

What you can expect:

We have a great team including experts on various aspects of running, who are thrilled to share their passion with you through entertaining articles.

We have our Running Shoes Off/Spotlight On section in which we discuss running with celebrities, athletes, interesting personalities and people in the scene.

Our Places to Run page gives you details insight on some of the best places to run throughout the state. It also serves a a venue for runners to comment back and forth about their favorite trails.

Our 100 Mile Club page is a great way for you to stay motivated, track your progress and earn some serious bragging rights among your friends and fellow runners.

Our Jog-sey section.  A chance to meet our official RunJersey.com mascot Jogsey, who loves to promote the great sport of running to kids of all ages in the Garden State.

Product Reviews.  Before you drop your credit card on that new pair of shoes or new running product, listen to some reviews from our team of experts.

Great running merchandise including sweatshirts,  performance shirts, stickers and more to show off your Run Jersey pride.

Race coverage and promotion from all the can’t miss races throughout New Jersey.

Be sure to check back daily for news and updates.

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