Why April Is The Best Month For Running In NJ

April will be the best ever for running in NJ. We have absolutely no doubt about it. Here is why:

 1. We are all so sick of snow, frostbite and frigid temps. Truth be told… we at RunJersey.com have no idea what the weather will be like this April. We can 100% guarantee that we will have less snow and many more warmer days than we did in February. So, there will be plenty of days where you can enjoy some perfect Jersey running weather.

2. Two of the best races all year take place in February. Namely, RunAPalooza and the NJ Marathon and we are excited to be at both. We have a table at the Run-A-Palooza Expo and are doing tons of filming for the Marathon & Long Branch Half.

 3. It’s our 1 year anniversary… AND THEY SAID THIS WOULDN’T LAST. We are so excited to enter our 2nd year bringing you kick-ass stories and articles surrounding the world of running in NJ. We have been blessed by you all (the readers) to have such a great group of supporters. Thank you so much for the love!

 4. Other great running events. This April, good guy and legendary running guru Dr. John Connors will be the special guest for the “Ask The Dr” event at Runner’s High in Freehold. It’s a free event to talk shop with one of the greatest running voices on the globe. It’s Monday, April 27th at 7 PM and RSVP is required.

5. Boston Marathon. Perhaps the pinnacle of the running world as so many Jersey runners are heading North for the Boston Marathon on April 20th. This iconic race took on an extra special feel after the tragic events years ago. As the American running community always does… we came back stronger and more patriotic than ever.

April is going to be so exciting for us and we can’t wait to see you all at the events and have you continue to enjoy our site. Thanks to all our readers and enjoy a kick-ass running month.

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    Congratulations on a year! Happy Anniversary! :0)

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      Thank you Ursula!

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