Why Moms Are Awesome…

One thing we absolutely love about running is that you receive the same fanfare whether you get 5th place or 10,412th place in a race. The crowd, your running mates & others provide you with the same uplifting love & support regardless of where you finish.

That mindset embodies everything that is good about sports. Having worked in recreation for almost 15 years, I truly believe it’s all about playing hard and having fun. And it’s more than OK for a kid or (adult) to enjoy a sport that they absolutely stink at. Believe me, that was me quite often…. I once went hitless for an entire season of little league. My mom, like moms all over, never lost sight of the importance of fun while they watched us playing sports as kids. She came out to every game and cheered like it was the Super Bowl.

So, on this beautiful Mother’s Day, we celebrate our Moms for being the greatest cheerleaders and supporters during our athletic careers. There is truly nothing better than hearing the proud cheers from your Mom as you trot across the finish line.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

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